choice of clothing can create the charm of clothing only by adapting the use too exaggerated belt, such easy to show a thick waist. Cool tone is good on color, too intense tonal more show fat Lingerie Avoid clothing with horizontal stripes, large squares or large flowers. If the top is plaid or striped, it is best not to use a similar pattern but a single color. On the . In our daily life Plus size clubwear often see black, white, grey and other colors. Black, white, gray are colorless, so no matter which color they match with, do not appear big problem Babydoll lingerie Generally speaking, if the same color and white match, will appear bright; It's dark when paired with black. Therefore, the color of the dress should be measured first, you are to highlight Overbust corsets pull. Also can choose the shirt with vertical collar, but do not need Ripped jeans for women be able to put the collar naturally Plus size Halloween costumes for women good, button up as far as possible button Lace lingerie with V collar is the same reason. The length Black plus size club dress clothes of upper body should not be too long, the color of the clothes should Cute dresses for women be too close to the flesh color as far as possible, avoid khaki this kind of color, choose dark color such as black blue these, as long as not too tight will not show thin. Pay attention Plus size lingerie wholesale Colorful shirts should not be worn inside coats, especially for gay men. It would be much better if you simply put the shirt on the outside. If the outside is more formal and solemn clothing