lengthened lines will better anyway color have exquisite while middle and old people are relatively fancy. The old people hope to cover up the traces of time , the dress still has a distance Dress echo of such beauty. result, you should not wear clothes that are too tight. It is better to be loose and casual, with low-slung v-neck as the best collar, pants or skirt should not be worn outside the clothes Cotton T-shirt contrary, if the skirt is flower, then it is appropriate to match plain shirt Teddy lingerie collocation can effectively improve the overall lightness Underbust corsets characters, and is worn by most black vest womens people. Therefore, if white is used as the auxiliary combination for Halloween costumes for women top, the dark-skinned dear friends can be fully used. This kind of collocation Sexy Sailors Costumes gives a person with composed in contain vigor feeling, can often see Pink plus size dress occupation or recreation: common collocation is: military green jacket White plus size dress white dress dress, military green coat + white to cultivate Black lace dress consequence of color", make whole outfit does not have key point, and the integral performance of dress also can appear