Corsets establish their own aesthetic direction and color system, don't let the closet become kingdom of colour. Choose white, black, beige, etc as daily the mass-tone attune of the dress, and active color in jewelry. Help to set up their own style, give a person a clear impression. And because will not impact on colour, also can improve the dress collocation between index. Fluctuation outfit design wants to coordinate. Color can follow the consistency or contrast. Cloth to match, texture difference Corset tops too large. With natural, visual comfortable give priority to. Avoid by all means is blind imitation, imitating, in terms of dress collocation, selection of colour collocation is the most important, in general to make their Cheap corsets wear decent, pay attention to the law; in terms of color selection 1, the strong color coordinates: refers to the two are far apart, matching color such as yellow and purple and red and turquoise, the color is strong. In daily life. Also calculate can, but it is best to yellow. Is the main color and shape. Black skin is unfavorable to wear bright clothes, wear black, white, blackish green, red, silver grey. White skin is more casual. In addition to appropriate collocation, black, yellow appropriate collocation are together, the inside is white, the outside can be arbitrary collocation, wearing black inside, outside wear yellow or red, is the main color and shape

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